środa, października 31, 2007

Epitafium | An Epitaph for Robrt Jordan

I found this lying around in my room. I was too afraid to publish it. But now I'm a bit sick and mindless, so here goes.

It was a dark poorly lit room. Rectangular pillars formed an arched ceiling. There were candles flickering their last breaths in little shelves in the pillars. Dark red bricks built this room, and where the room ended, there was only darkness. The darkness seemed to be hiding something that would soon become visible.
"What's happened to me? What is this place? Have I been kidnapped?" the man in the center of the room asked into the darkness.
"NO," replied a voice that was not a voice.
The man turned quickly and saw that he was face to face with what appeared to be blackness with white intrusions. It was a skeleton in black robes. In its eyesockets were orbs that were of a color like no other.
"Oh. You again. I guess this is the last time I see you, yes?"
"YES," it anwsered.
"I was expecting a warm welcome, a party or something."
"So nobody else is coming?"
"So what can I do here for all eternity?"
"THIS IS TEL'ARAN'RHIOD. YOU SET THE RULES," and with the sound of imploding water, the figure vanished.

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